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"Atlas" - Framed Mixed Media Artwork

Original Artwork by local SF Artist Julie Marsh

Available for pick up in SF


"Atlas", Original Artwork by local SF Artist Julie Marsh, 11"x14", Mixed Media, Framed



One of my long time passions is life drawing...I am always inspired by the human figure. "Atlas" is one of my "Alive" mixed media series based on quick sketches from a live model that focus on gesture and movement. Each sketch has been digitized and developed into a full mixed media artwork, framed in a Shadow Box so the image appears to be floating, to add additional interest to the piece. The name "Atlas" references the mythological character Atlas, who carried the world on his shoulders.The figure in this piece is bowed down by a heavy weight...but like Atlas, her arms are strong. This is a weight she can handle.


Website: https://www.juliemarshart.com/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Julie-Marsh-Art-668333769951778/



Julie Marsh is an emerging artist from the San Francisco Bay Area. She has studied painting for many years with a variety of teachers. Her earlier work focused on “the extraordinary ordinary”, fruit and vegetables, kitchen utensils, family camp experiences, people waiting at bus stops, and grassroots politics. Julie’s goal was always to reveal the sacred in the most common objects and experiences. During the past two years, Julie has combined mixed media with acrylics, completing two series, (Dis) Integration, inspired by old wedding photos, and (De) Composition, inspired by old photos collected on a trip to Amsterdam. She is now working on the series called Dive In inspired by an iconic image of a woman diving from a 1939 Fortune magazine. These works reimagine and repurpose torn paper, cardboard, cheesecloth, and old photos into meditations on the cycle of decay, transformation, and rebirth.

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