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"Borage" Photography Fine Print

20"x 24" print from Botanicae Series by photographer Elina Frumerman

pick up in SF




This print is not framed or matted to allow buyer to select frame/ materials

20" x 24"

The Print:

Borago officinalis, Borage or starflower, is a medicinal herb with edible leaves and flowers. From the latin "burr" - rough hair, this hairy plant is native to the Mediterranean region. They occur spontaneously along roadsides in much of North America. Elina found this one by the Palace of Fine Arts.
In Roman times, this plant was believed to be an anti-depressant and it has long been thought to give courage and comfort to the heart. One old wives’ tale states that if a woman slipped a bit of borage into a promising man’s drink, it would give him the courage to propose.


About the Work:

Botanicae is a selection of photographs from San Francisco–based artist Elina Frumerman’s new body of work. Subjects were photographed within the city limits of San Francisco in morning light isolated against physical black backdrops, creating “portraits” of the local flora and fauna. Given that the plants were photographed in nature, dew drops, spiderwebs, and ladybugs often adorn the subjects.

Two years in the making, Frumerman began documenting the San Francisco landscape following the end of the most severe drought in California since 1895. The Botanicae series embodies the artist’s ongoing exploration into relationships between humans and nature, the past and the present. This work was selected to appear in the 2020 SF Decorator Showcase.


About the Artist:

Elina Frumerman is photographer and designer living and working in San Francisco. Inspired by observations from her day-to-day life, Frumerman creates photographs, artist books and installations that explore ideas around memory and emotion. Influenced by her personal history of emigrating as a refugee from the former Soviet Union at age six, she is interested in shaping seemingly mundane and often overlooked subjects into reflective images. Her work explores how the past impacts the present.

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