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"Road Trip" Fine Print Photography

Photography on metal by Greta & Manu Schnetzler Photography

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15" x 30" photography on metal print






About the image:

This sequence is called "Road Trip" because it is the last thing the artists Greta and Manu Schnetzler see heading north out of San Francisco towards the wine country on a weekend trip. They had this concept in mind for a long time, but the weather needed to be right to get an interesting sky - not a uniform blue sky or a uniform gray fog. The sequence adds a cinematic or graphic novel dimension to the static images. The practical constraint of shooting out of a moving car on the Golden Gate Bridge illustrate the team work that has defined their 25 year collaboration. In this piece as in many others in their work, they wanted to present what is a symbol of the city, immediately recognizable, in an unusual perspective that grabs the viewer's attention.


About the artists:

Greta and Manu have pursue a common vision in their collaborative photography work, including their interest in night photography, as reflected in the variety of subject matter and places depicted in their work. Whether traveling afar or walking around their neighborhood, they continue to explore their environment, to see common sights in a different way and to capture images that reveal the mystery of the everyday.

They reside in San Francisco. Their work has been shown nationally and internationally, as well as locally in San Francisco, in many juried exhibitions, online and in print.  They are members and organizers of the Studio Nocturne San Francisco group.



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