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011) Batman & Soccer Handmade Quilt

Striking design includes Batman logos, soccer balls, stars and fish. For your child or inner child. 47"x37"

Available immediately


Size is just right for travel, lap warmer or preschool naps. Easily folds into backpack. 100% cotton, preshrunk before construction. Machine washable, warm, permanent press.

Marleen Merchant is a local Sacramento watercolor artist, and when she isn't painting she is using fabric to add breadth to her creativity.

She gleans her ideas from local guilds, quilters and shows; and then experiments with color and design. Each of her quilts winks at quilting tradition but improvises with fabric color, size and shape of pieces. The quilts are always playful, bright, colorful and fun.

Marleen's website: marleenmerchant.com


Note: The buyer is responsible for delivery costs beyond 100 miles of central Sacramento.





High Bidder: CATHERINE M-------N
Market Value........$  135
Minimum Bid.........$   55
Current Bid.........$   55
Minimum Increment...$   25
Minimum Next Bid....$   80
All proceeds go directly to Sister District Project.
All bids are matched 100% (up to $10,000)!