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117) 3 Beaded Necklaces & Earrings

Three beaded necklaces: Navy blue with gold, navy blue and purple, and navy blue, gold and purple.

Available immediately


The three basic beaded necklaces are just a little different from each other. One is navy blue with gold highlights, another has separate navy blue and purple beads and the third is braided navy blue, gold and purple. Could be three gifts for 3 different people or used when you want to make a subtle change.


Note: The buyer is responsible for delivery costs beyond 100 miles of central Sacramento.

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Market Value........$   50
Minimum Bid.........$   20
Current Bid.........$    0
Minimum Increment...$   10
Minimum Next Bid....$   20
All proceeds go directly to Sister District Project.
All bids are matched 100% (up to $10,000)!