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1800s engraved hand-painted UK print

Magnificent 19th century, engraved, hand-painted, print, beautifully presented in Mahogany frame, under glass

To be collected at the Abbey in Eugene


Title: The Meeting of Her Majesty's Stag Hounds on Ascot Heath. This elegant engraving depicts men in hunt riding dress on horses gathered in a large field with hounds. It has been professionally framed in an elegant Mahogany frame. A recent appraisal considers it "in very fine condition." It was London published in January, 1839 by "Hodgson & Graves Her Majesty's Print Sellers in Ordinary Pall Mall." The dimensions of the print itself are 21&1/2 inches high by 31&1/2 inches wide. The outside dimensions of the framed art piece are 33 inches high by 43&1/4 inches wide. This is a lovely and valuable piece of art. It was purchased by the donor in Washington, D.C., in 1985 for 418.70 inc. taxes.

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