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2 Private Yoga Lessons

Deepen and expand your yoga practice with Yogi Mark McCormick

Aug 15, 2021


Private lessons take your practice to the next level. I believe in setting some goals for our sessions. Do you want to develop your own practice, or get some guidance on the finer points of poses? Do you want to learn how to meditate? I believe yoga is an expansive, lovely, and never-ending pursuit. Sometimes we need a guide! I know I do.


Private classes are really different, at least the way I teach them. You won’t just be going through the motions. From the moment we start you’ll feel a difference. First of all, we’ll talk. I want to hear what’s going on with you, your body, your psyche—whatever you want to share. Then we’ll start with a short guided meditation, personalized for you. That’s followed by some breathing exercises, and finally movement; depending on your goals, this can be gentle or rigorous. We’ll use props to keep things safe and explore variations. Finally savasana—rest. You can request music, or not; your music or mine. Overall the experience is enriching and even sometimes fun; most always peaceful or joyful.

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