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A04 • Moon and Half Dome

Photo poster. 24x36 inches.

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This photo poster is an Authorized Edition of Ansel Adams's famed 1927 photograph. The iconic scene conveys the timeless grandeur of Yosemite. Adams was a pioneer in pushing grayscale values in the darkroom, adding to the drama of his compositions.

Framed in a sturdy, lightweight, metal poster frame. Ready to hang.


Ansel Adams took this photograph in 1960. It became one of a series intended to inspire park visitors to become activists for Yosemite's preservation, instilled with a deeper connection to the natural world and desire to protect it.  What makes it so magical? Adams was on his way to the Awahnee Hotel late one winter afternoon. Struck by the scene, he stopped and made 12 exposures with his Haselblad, the last few using a 250 mm lens and orange filter. Adams of course was a pioneer of the Zone System, a method of darkroom processing which makes the lights and darks sing. All Adams's skills came together to produce this image, an icon of Yosemite.

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