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C34 • Sea Glass on "Bull" Driftwood

Handcrafted 6 x 9 inch hanging of various colored sea glass, feathers, and ...

Available immediately


Unique, eye-catching addition to your art collection!

This handcrafted 6 x 9 inch piece of Cerulean Aqua, Celestial Blue, and White Sea Glass is combined with feathers and Oregon Coastal Driftwood to create a Native American look.

It can be hung alone on a small wall or in combination with other works as a coordinated display.

The artist, Melanie McConnaughy, lives in Burbank where she is active in supporting local progressive candidates as well as Feminist and Black Lives Matter issues. She has been collecting sea glass and producing artwork for many years. Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/OceanTesoro

Note: The buyer is responsible for delivery costs beyond 100 miles of central Sacramento.

High Bidder: Richard E------m
Market Value........$   55
Minimum Bid.........$   20
Current Bid.........$   55
Minimum Increment...$   10
Minimum Next Bid....$   65
All proceeds go directly to Sister District Project.
All bids are matched 100% (up to $10,000)!