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Choose 6 Books For Your Travel Fix

Indulge your wanderlust with 6 paperback books of your choosing from the Travelers' Tales Online Bookstore.

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Choose up to 6 paperback books from the extensive Travelers' Tales Online Bookstore.

A Brief History

Travelers’ Tales got its start in 1993 when travel writers James O’Reilly and Larry Habegger teamed up with writer and publisher (and James’ brother) Tim O’Reilly to produce a new kind of travel book, one that would paint a portrait of a country through the experiences of many travelers. Through true stories, these books would give readers a depth of understanding that can only come from people who have been there. Reading each book would be like sitting in a cafe filled with fellow travelers swapping tales about the place you’re headed next – you come out changed, and eager for more. Over time, this basic premise has been expanded to include a variety of anthologies, travel advice books, and single-author narratives. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, Travelers’ Tales currently has more than 150 titles in print, and publishes approximately 4-6 titles per year.



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