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E26 • Yoga • Eight Classes

Gentle, mindful Ananda Yoga classes via Zoom or in person from East Sac Yoga.

Available through June 12, 2021


Choose eight classes at East Sac Yoga. The schedule — at — offers many convenient times. You will leave class feeling strengthened, relaxed, uplifted, re-energized and more aware of your own inner peace.

Suitable for all experience levels and body types. All classes are currently given online via Zoom.


ESY was founded in 2000, about the same time that Sandi Russi received Yoga Teacher Training at the Ananda Expanding Light Retreat Center in Nevada City. In the early 2000s, Sandi occasionally guest taught for ESY while developing her own classes at the Sacramento Yoga Center (where she still teaches).


Sandi Russi became the owner and primary instructor of East Sac Yoga in June 2015. Guest teachers at East Sac Yoga also teach Gentle Yoga. ESY offers gentle, accessible yoga at two convenient locations. Ananda Yoga is the primary style offered. Instruction is modified according to the needs of the students in attendance. All are welcome.


Ananda Yoga is traditional hatha yoga designed to strengthen and stretch the body, release stress, calm the mind and enhance self-awareness. The practice facilitates breath, body and energy awareness through the use of distinct rest periods in between postures as well as affirmations held mentally while in the postures. Students are encouraged to listen to their bodies, notice the effects of the poses and, with practice, become aware of the energy within, especially as it moves through the “inner” spine.


Progressive politically, Sandi Russi is also the Owner and Program Director of Wholistic Learning Resources which provides a variety of wholistically-inspired specialty programs to support home educating families.

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