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Gwyrdd IV - Ink and Papercut Artwork

Framed ink and papercut work by Mill Valley artist Sara Burgess

pick up in SF


Titled - Gwyrdd IV


Materials - ink, paper, papercut by hand.

Gwyrdd is Welsh for green. A reference to the lyrical language Sara Burgess heard as a child and the vibrant colour that surrounded her.




Sara Burgess grew up in Wales, where the country lanes were lined with brilliant green nettles, fiddlehead ferns, and endless brambles populated with snails. When she moved to Vancouver Island, that world was smooth rocks, more ferns, and trilliums. Moving again to Marin County, near San Francisco, Queen Anne’s lace, variegated echium, and golden California poppies surrounded the winding trails. The smallest details in each place made the memories that shape the images she cuts. Detail and materials hold great importance in both the objects and experiences she surrounds herself with and the work she produces.


Sara finds that something intriguing and original happens when she cuts into paper to create forms and images, treating the negative space as an element of the overall language. To her, the simple relationship between positive and negative forms expresses her vision and thinking.

She finds that, despite working with a single colour and layer, a dimensional, colourful world emerges, only one where the viewer becomes the participant in each work’s completion. By leaving out elements, we are invited to fill in what we expect to see and feel, and our imagination becomes more active.

High Bidder: Millicent B----t
Market Value........$  250
Minimum Bid.........$  100
Current Bid.........$  160
Minimum Increment...$   20
Minimum Next Bid....$  180
All proceeds go directly to Sister District Project.
All bids are matched 100% (up to $10,000)!