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Heirs To Our Oceans Gift Pack

T-shirt, reusable utensils, shampoo, and face mask with H2OO logo!

Expires December 2020


H2OO Wherever You Go!


When shelter in place is over, picture yourself out and about with these special items branded with the beautiful Heirs To Our Oceans logo! You will get a t-shirt, reusable utensils, stickers, a homemade Heirs face mask, a hand-painted platter with quote from ocean champion Sylvia Earle, AND two kinds of H2OO HAIR POTIONS, the Heir-made, decadent, plastic-free, all-natural and organic hair and body cleanser. Been searching high and low for a plastic-free, all-natural and organic shampoo that is decadent, emollient, and safe for you and our natural environment? So were the Heirs! So four of them came together and made H2OO HAIR POTIONS. This package includes one each of jasmine and peppermint scented shampoo made with organic essential oils, which makes a rich and creamy lather in your palm when mixed with water. Great for both hair and body! It's made with love and care and of only the finest ingredients including coconut milk, jojoba oil, and almond oil. Once you use this marvelous Heir-made hair and body cleanser, you won't want to go back to conventional cleaners, and one canister will last for months!


You’ll also get a blue marble, which represents our Blue Planet, and our gratitude to you for bidding on this awesome pack! The H2OO logo is one of the most beautiful around - custom-designed to combine art from multiple Heirs in our first year - it can’t be beat!


Kindly consider shipping when bidding for this fabulous gift pack!

High Bidder: Nathalie U-o
Market Value........$  180
Minimum Bid.........$   60
Current Bid.........$  150
Minimum Increment...$   20
Minimum Next Bid....$  170
All proceeds go directly to Sister District Project.
All bids are matched 100% (up to $10,000)!