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K55 • Movie Lovers' Delight

Enjoy home or theater movies more with $40 movie tickets and home popcorn maker!

Please pick up in Folsom


This package gives you a choice!

Enjoy your in-home movie viewing with a quick, healthy treat! "Air Crazy" from WestBend pops single and family popcorn portions. Watch through the clear cover as popcorn pops into the serving bowl. Pops with or without butter.

Or...use your two $20 Cinemax gift cards (no expiration date) and get your own popcorn at the theater.

Note: The buyer is responsible for delivery costs beyond 100 miles of central Sacramento.

High Bidder: Lisa I----e
Market Value........$   65
Minimum Bid.........$   30
Current Bid.........$   30
Minimum Increment...$    5
Minimum Next Bid....$   35
All proceeds go directly to Sister District Project.
All bids are matched 100% (up to $10,000)!