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Learn to Create Augmented Reality

Two-part session with AR Sherpa and one of the creators of Apple's "Reality Composer."

4 wks notice to schedule. Expires 6/21.


Did you miss out on the VR craze? Never fear because the next BIG thing is AR!


Virtual Reality is quickly being overtaken by Augmented Reality where the digital world is transported out of your device and into the real world! AR is widely regarded as a powerful tool for training, science, education and fun! Best of all, the only thing you need is an iPad or iPhone with iOS 13 or later. Meet with your AR Sherpa, Brad Peebler, who leads the team at Apple doing advanced design and research for this powerful tool called Reality Composer where anyone can make interactive AR experiences! In just one session you will learn from Brad how to create your own AR experience. Once you have the basics of Reality Composer down you will be able to create experiences that you can share with friends, family and co-workers. Best of all, the experiences you create can be easily messaged to anyone with an up to date iOS device where via email or messages. When they receive your creation they will be instantly transported into a brand new world! Special note to teachers: the educational possibilities are endless.


The two-part lesson will include:

  1. Understanding the fundamentals of Augmented Reality
  2. Reality Composer basics
  3. Working with the included assets
  4. Search and download AR objects from the web to use in your creation
  5. Add sounds to your AR experience
  6. Create an interactive behavior for your AR experience
  7. Share your creation with others


The first session will be one hour long either in-person or via live web conference. We will cover as much of the topics above as we can in the live session. After the live session you will receive a series of custom-made training videos reviewing the material you already learned as well as any topics that were not covered. Use the videos to refresh and extend your skills or share them with friends and family!

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All proceeds go directly to Sister District Project.
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