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Oil Painting by Vesalius

"Le Jardin d'Eau". Oil with mixed media on canvas. 36" X 48".

One available!


Go to www.bethelightsilentauction.com for detailed images of "Le Jardin d'Eau."


A unique blend of oil painting with mixed media that creates an atmosphere of luminosity contrasted with matte textures, built with radiant violets, reds, greens, and blues. A painting abundant with impasto, nostalgia, and effulgence. Inspired by the work of Claude Monet, based on a photo taken on location at the Fondation Monet in Giverny, France.

Vesalius' fascination with contemporary art and art history influences his hybrid style. The combined effect creates excitement and life. His work has been exhibited at the UNICEF Next Generation Art event in Venice, California; the Charity Stars auction; the Venice Art Crawl; Aqua Art Miami. Tyson Beckford, Dennis Graham, and Kiva are just a few of his clients. Discover Visalius on Instagram @vesaliusart.

High Bidder: Confidential Bidder
Market Value........$15000
Minimum Bid.........$  500
Current Bid.........$  600
Minimum Increment...$  100
Minimum Next Bid....$  700
All proceeds go directly to Sister District Project.
All bids are matched 100% (up to $10,000)!