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Sea Glass Silver Necklace

Sustainably made, beautiful dark sea foam sea glass circled in silver

Expires December 31 2020


Beautiful, handmade, elegant sea glass necklace evokes the ocean we love


Necklace length: 18 Inches

Pendant height: 1.5 Inches

Pendant width: 1.45 Inches


From the artist:


from the shores of the mighty pacific on the central coast of california, this dark sea foam green sea glass is bezel set in silver, held in a half-round sterling silver circle and hangs on 18” of sterling silver chain. perfect for the mermaid in your life...

this sea glass was found along the mighty pacific in northern california, naturally tumbled by the sea.

sea glass has a great story & is also surrounded in mystery & lore, often referred to as mermaid tears. it's also a great recycling story- what started as sand, was turned into glass for a particular use for a particular amount of time & then returned to the sea, only to be tumbled by the waves & the tides & the wind, & finally to be returned to shore, magically in my lucky footpath & now, into this bit of jewelry, looking for a good home to carry on the story, the mystery & the beauty of it all.

the ethos of salty blue comes from that same ocean energy that shaped this piece into what it is, that same energy that draws so many to the shore, myself included. water is life, both literally and figuratively. i hope to share that ethos and that sentiment with those who find their way to a piece of salty blue designs.

as with almost everything salty blue, each piece comes with a story- & a little blue gift bag. my grandmother and my mama used to sew my clothes when i was little. that and my grandmother loved turquoise just as much as i do. when she passed, she had a closet full of fabric- & plenty of it was turquoise, so each little salty blue gift bag is from that stash of fabric (as long as it lasts), sewn by my ever-loving mama. so each time i package up another salty blue treasure to send it off to a good home, i get to give thanks to both my grandma in the sky & my mama at her sewing machine... both of which, bring me great joy & gratitude for such wonderful family love & support.

High Bidder: Katherine R--------s
Market Value........$  115
Minimum Bid.........$   65
Current Bid.........$   80
Minimum Increment...$   15
Minimum Next Bid....$   95
All proceeds go directly to Sister District Project.
All bids are matched 100% (up to $10,000)!