Email Templates

Email Template Layout:


Greeting [First Last]Punctuation

Paragraph 0

Button 1 Header

Button 1

Paragraph 1


Paragraph 2

Button 2 Header

Button 2

Paragraph 3


Bold items are defined in your Event Edit form.

Italicized items come from the database.  In the Email Edit form, you can choose whether or not to display these items.


All other items are defined in the Email Edit form.  Any blank item will not be displayed.

Click the "Edit" button (below) to open the "Email Edit" form.

The email previews displayed below are rough approximations of what the actual email will look like.  The actual email layout will vary depending on the email client, type of device, user settings, etc.  

Click the "Test or Send" button (below) and follow the instructions to send test emails or live emails.