Sister District Auction for Action


7:30 - 9 PM




For one week you'll be able to bid on items including vacation homes, tutoring, gift certificates to local businesses, and even your a private comedy show. All dollars raised will go directly to our Michigan and Wisconsin candidates. On September 22 at 7:30 pm join us for a LIVE virtual auction event hosted by a professional emcee where you can get in your final bids, and hear from Sister District Co-Founder Rita Bosworth and our candidates.

In advance of the 2020 elections, local groups of concerned citizens have been banding together across the country to fight gerrymandering, build progressive power and defeat Trumpism by electing Democrats to state offices in key swing states. This initiative, The Sister District Project, is a grassroots non-profit political organization that works to flip seats in state legislatures where having Democrats is more important than ever.


In 2017, our collective efforts helped elect 14 Democrats to Virginia’s state legislature turning the state blue. Here’s a video about that historic Virginia win.


In 2020, the Sister District Greater Chicago Team is supporting four wonderful candidates from the critical states of Michigan and Wisconsin: