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Jeff M-----n

9/23/20, 1:59 AM



Ana O------s

9/23/20, 1:59 AM



Barbie F-----t

9/23/20, 1:59 AM



Deb M------h

9/23/20, 1:59 AM



Steven M----s

9/23/20, 1:58 AM



Carol Z----------s

9/23/20, 1:57 AM



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SDP Team

9/22/20, 5:46 PM

Per the owners of Kluger Furs, the M leather jacket is 40" directly under the armhole with the zipper closed, so approx. 36" at the bust. An in-store fitting is also highly recommended.

SDP Team

9/22/20, 5:02 PM

The Home Organization includes a 1/2 hr phone consult followed by a 3 hr session. In-person is preferred although it can be done virtually but may be somewhat less effective. Mask-wearing is required for all parties.

SDP Team

9/22/20, 3:48 PM

hi bidders! the chocolate tasting is virtual. We are reaching out to the jacket and organization package donors for further information. Will respond shortly. thanks!

9/22/20, 3:18 PM

Any idea on the chest measurement for the Medium size (Leather Jacket from Kluger Furs)? Thx

9/22/20, 2:32 PM

Is chocolate tasting virtual, at home, or at store?

9/22/20, 1:45 PM

Can the home organization package be done virtually?

SDP Team

9/21/20, 9:34 PM

hi, you do not get a notice when being outbid. Please continue to check the website regularly. You should get an email notification for each item you bid on. That is the way you can keep track of your bids. Thanks!

9/21/20, 8:59 PM

will I get a notice when somebody out bids me?


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  1. Prices: All final auction prices are in USD, exclusive of delivery costs and local and sales taxes, unless stated otherwise.
  2. Price changes: The Sister District Project reserves the right to change prices and correct any pricing errors at any time during the period of the auction. If a price change has an effect on your bid (s) you have placed, you have the right to cancel them without any charge.
  3. Photos and illustrations: All photographic images and illustrations are unique and may not be used for other purposes. We show you the best representative picture(s) of the items(s) on our website – but small differences may never be used for any dispute or claims.
  4. Location: If Donor does not wish to cover the cost of shipping to the winning bidder, Delivery or pick up available within Cook County. Bidders outside this area are responsible for all shipping and insurance costs
  5. Closing Bids: Bids will close at 9pm on September 22nd, 2020. For our five featured “boost” items, bids will close earlier, during the virtual live event, between 7:30pm-9pm.
  6. Payment: Winning bidders will be notified via email after 9pm on September 22nd, after the close of the auction. The Sister District Project only fulfills winning bids after full payment has been received in advance through our ActBlue Donation link. All payments need to be fulfilled within three business days after closure of the auction, by September 25th, 2020. The Sister District Project has the right to cancel the sale if the payment is not received in time. You will be contacted the week of September 28th, 2020, or sooner, to arrange pick up or delivery of an item.